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What is pyphantom?

pyphantom is an IDE to help developers create Python plug-ins for Hildon Desktop. It is completely developed in Python with pygtk, gtksourceview and libhildondesktop. It is hosted under Maemo Garage.

  • Support to Python syntax highlight
  • Preview for Hildon Desktop plug-ins (requires Hildon Desktop)
  • .deb creation from project

Information on how to setup Hildon Desktop running outside of the Maemo/scratchbox environment can be found here.

If you have Ubuntu Gutsy, just install our supplied dependencies.

You can add the following line to your source.list (Ubuntu Gutsy only) deb pyphantom/ for .deb packages. Currently only the dependencies are there.
The latest release can always be found here.

The latest stable release is 0.1.2.
Bugs should be reported to the project's Bug Tracker.
This ugly page is released under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License